ME’IMKA D’LIPA (English)- Sung & Composed By Lipa Schmeltzer- Me’imka D’lipa

Meumka D’liba, Meumka D’liba
Meumka D’liba, Meumka D’liba.

The storyteller speaks and our imagination he ignites
The teacher to his students, many lessons he’ll impart
The poet sharpens our minds with every melody he writes
Their messages inspire when they’re spoken from the heart.

Fear or devotion
Hope, joy or jealousy
Our every emotion
Takes heart
Cruelty or caring
If the heart stops, life cannot be
A friendship worth sharing
Takes heart.

Brother, friend, don’t take things to heart although it’s tough
Just let go, let anger depart
‘Cause life moves fast
And for hatred there’s not time enough
There’s nothing whole as a broken heart.

If you don’t rush out and claim
Every wish your heart dictates
Then you’re the master of the game
You’re the chessman who checkmates
There is so much to gain
If you see the good in men
If love you ingrained
In your heart, time and again.

Meumka D’liba, Meumka D’liba
Meumka D’liba, Meumka D’liba.

For Mitzvos, Esrog, Tefillin, we need fervent concentration
Only heartfelt prayers make the gates of Heaven part
Throughout the day, at work and play
with extra dedication
Everything done well is done with wellsprings of the heart.

Bid farewell, good riddance
To bitterness that pulls you down
Don’t give hate admittance
To your heart
Through challenges and trials
When life tries to make you frown
Make sure goodness smiles
From your heart.

Who pays rent and takes residence inside of you
Damaging your mind with thoughts that are impure
Make room in your heart, your lease on life will soon renew
Give happiness a key, invite him to your door.

Forgive and forget
You’ll benefit for sure
Even better yet
Lets become friends once more
Many hearts have learned
Their sorrows to defeat
Happiness is earned
With every, every, every new heartbeat.


A heart can cut through steel
And rescure generations
A heart can help and heal
With effort, time and patience
It can bring a lasting peace
All the while it’s pumping blood
Your troubles just release
Pour your heart to Hashem Echod
‘Cuz Rachamona Liba Boya.