Hi there, this is Abie Rotenberg.
I hope you will indulge me a moment
to pay tribute to the great Moshe Yess עליו השלום.
Moshe was a brilliant song-writer, a superb guitarist,
but most of all, an amazing Yid.
Moshe grew up disconnected from Torah and Mitzvos,
and passionately chased his dream
of a career in country music.
He played with various bands, doing stage work and
appearing in honkytonks all across the country.
How he ended up traveling to Eretz Yisrael
and discovering God and Torah is
an extraordinary story of its own.
We are, however, so fortunate that he did.
He left us with a remarkable legacy of words and music
that continue to inspire Jews around the world –
to strengthen their connection
to Hashem and a Torah way of life.
He also was a major contributor to Journeys,
with performances on the first three albums.
We have chosen to honor Moshe
by including as the next track on this album,
an adaptation of one of his lesser known compositions.
It highlights Moshe’s creative eye and whimsical heart.
It was also an honor for me to sing it
with his talented son Tali. We hope you enjoy.
יהי זכרו ברוך