LUCKY FINGERS MAX- Gershon Veroba- Composed by Abie Rotenberg- Journeys 5
(Orig. Recorded by Gershon Veroba- Turn It Around)

Let me tell you a story, it may even be true
‘Bout a fella who fell through the cracks.
He was a hustler a gambler who lived on the edge
And they called him Lucky Fingers Max.

He’d wager and win at the track and the fights,
Rolled sevens when he threw the dice.
But if you asked him for a dime, he’d laugh in your face.
He was lucky but he wasn’t too nice.

Lucky, Lucky Fingers Max
had a heart as black as coal,
Lucky, Lucky Fingers Max
would he ever find, would he ever find his lost Jewish soul.

One day he got a tip from some friends of his in Jersey
Bout a fighter named Tiger Malone.
His opponent’s gonna lay down in the seventh round –
You oughta bet everything that you own.

Lucky bet his money, his house, and his Caddy
Sat down to watch the fight with a snack
Things were going fine ‘til the end of the sixth
When Tiger dropped dead from a heart attack!

No more Lucky Fingers Max
now destitute and broke.
No more Lucky Fingers Max
his lucky life, his lucky life had gone up in smoke.

He was hiding from the cold in a worn-out Shul
When the Rabbi came over and said,
Let me lend you some money from the Synagogue fund
You can buy yourself a coat and some bread.

Rabbi, Lucky said, you don’t understand
I’m a gambler, a hustler, a cheat.
All I see is a Jew, the old Rabbi replied
Who needs to get back on
who needs to get back on his feet.


Lucky took the money and went to the track
Put it all on Teapot Kelly to win.
In a photo-finish, he won by a nose –
Lucky Fingers was in business again.

Now somewhere in Brooklyn, there’s a brand new Shul,
Three stories of precious stained glass.
All it says on the plaque is the money came from heaven,
An anonymous gift – of cold cash.

Lucky, Lucky Fingers Max
still has a long, long way to go,
But Lucky, Lucky Fingers Max
got lucky,
Got lucky and found out – he has a Jewish soul.