Gershon Veroba


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From a life shaped by the combined influences of mainstream entertainment and Jewish life, Gershon brought the unique styles he developed to the studio and stage. With talent and experience unrivaled to this day, his musical versatility, creativity and soul continue to inspire audiences and performers around the world.

Now Gershon’s latest and biggest album, “Ani Yisrael” (loosely translated, “I am Israel” or “I am an Israeli”) targets the very heart of our faith… our deep connection with Israel. The songs, written by Ari Goldwag, Elie Schwab, as well as Gershon and new discovery, Simcha Kranczer, were all picked, produced and performed to unify with a theme that has become more crucial today than ever.

The videos have already stretched tradition and broken artistic barriers, earning praise and appreciation from around the world, including new fans in the Israeli government!!