THE ART OF SILENCE- Variations Ft. Gershon Veroba- Variations 1
(Orig. The Sound of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel- Composed by Paul Simon)

Hello Shalom, my dear friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
We haven’t spoken since 1903
Around the turn of the century
And the message that you planted in my brain still remains
It was the sound of silence.

You told me then what words can do
How they can twist and misconstrue
Words can build and they can devastate
Words can establish love or senseless hate
And like daggers, they can pierce a person’s heart
Split apart
The very sound of silence.

And in 1931
I married off my eldest son
And when he asked me for some sound advice
I told him soundless would be more precise
You must measure every word that leaves your lips
Flourish on the sound of silence.

And in 1953
With my grandson on my knee
He asked the secret of longevity
I said the trick is sensitivity
You must judge every person favorably
Master the art of silence.

And in 1993
We’re still around for all to see
As your hundred seventh birthday nears
I wish you many more joy filled years
My dear Shalom,
Such loyal friends are scarce and few,
And thanks to you,
We’re spreading the sounds of silence.