THE RING- Abie Rotenberg- Composed by Shiffy (Rotenberg) Ochs- Journeys 5

For more than forty years
Our lives were intertwined,
And that is why what happened always
Lingers in my mind.
On the day we were engaged
The ring that I received
Had a diamond far more beautiful
Than any jewel I’d seen.

Your parents said that I deserved
The most they could provide,
But little did I know how this
Would quickly change our lives.
With the wedding just behind us
A week of music, dance and song,
I looked down at my hand and found
My diamond ring was gone.

Your parents did not take it well;
Found it quite hard to accept.
We searched in every corner
Of each room in which we stepped.
How careless could I be
To lose their priceless gift;
And slowly but still visibly
Our ties began to drift.

Months later we were walking
In a chill quite cold for spring,
When from deep in your coat’s pocket
You pulled out my diamond ring.
Look what I found, you cried out
My dear, you did no wrong!
I’m so foolish and forgetful
It was my fault all along.

You were teased for quite a while
Were the source of many laughs,
But years flew by and it became
A story from the past.
Then I wished you were still here
To see our children grown,
And to comfort my unyielding ache
Of facing life alone.

One morning I’d arranged
To clean out some old things,
When hidden in an old valise
lay a dusty diamond ring.
I felt my body tremble
As I viewed the stone and band,
It was a perfect copy
Of the ring worn on my hand.

Now not a day goes by
That I’m not thinking of
The life we shared together
and your sweet and boundless love.
Not only was I blessed
by the kindness you had shown,
If what I’d lost not been found
I never would have known.