MAKE BELIEVE- Country Yossi- Strike Again
(Originally It’s Only Make Believe- Conway Twitty- Composed By Jack Nance & Conway Twitty)

People searching everywhere,
For happiness that’s just not there,
But, my child, don’t be deceived,
This world’s only make-believe.

You’re much too young, my son,
Your life has just begun,
So let me sing to you
What I found to be true,
This life is just a dream,
Things aren’t what they seem,
For wealth and fame’s no friend,
They’re worthless in the end,
‘cause they’re only make-believe.

Some men, they seek for fame,
The world must know their name,
While others crave, you see,
For gold and jewelry,
Until their dying day,
When they can’t buy their way,
What good’s their fortune then
When life has fled from them,
‘cause it’s only make-believe.


So listen well, my son,
When all is said and done,
There’s just one thing that’s real,
The treasure that no man can steal.
The Torah learnt each day,
The charity we give away,
These are reality,
All else is vanity,
‘cause they’re only make-believe.