LEARNING TOGETHER- Country Yossi- Breakout
(Originally So Happy Together- The Turtles- Composed By Garry Bonner & Alan Gordon, Lyrics By Yossi Toiv)

I want to learn with you, I do,
At least an hour every night, it’s only right,
To have a seder with a friend, shiur delight,
Learning together.
Although you practice law, all through the day,
And I work in an office as, a CPA,
We always seem to find the time, and find a way,
Of learning together.

If I could do whatever I wanted to,
For all my life,
Nothing would be better than learning with you,
For all my life.

Me and you, and you and me
No matter what our clients say, it has to be
This hour that you put away, is priority,
Learning together.

Our Chavrusa is the best part of my day,
In all my life,
When we’re learning, everything else is ok,
In all my life.

Day is through, the kids asleep,
We get together, me and you, and then we see, each other,
I combine the thoughts, with melody
Learning together.


Me and you, and you and me,
We hope that there will come a day
When we will be, devoting all our time and all, our energy,
To learning together.
Learning together.
No matter the weather.
We’re learning together.
Learning together.
We’re learning together.
We’re learning together.
We’re learning together.
We’re learning together.