ALWAYS WITH YOU- Ft. Eli Marcus, Michoel Pruzansky, Shloime Gertner, Michoel Schnitzler, Beri Weber, Avraham Fried, Shmueli Ungar & Yishai Lapidot- Composed by Yishai Lapidot, Lyrics by Miriam Israeli- Single 2018

Life can be
A bumpy road
A thorny path,
But we keep
Moving on
No turning back,
When it seems
We’re lost inside a forest,
אמונה shines a light
Into the darkness.

Never give up hope
Or fall into despair,
Don’t forget
Hashem above is always there,
כלל ישראל’s all about surviving
Even when it’s tough
We keep on striving.

So hold on tight
He’ll never let you fall,
It’s alright
Don’t be afraid at all,
Our תפילות are an anchor
In the storm,
The longest night
Is over with the dawn,
.אל תתיאש, ה׳ תמיד אתך

When challenge comes
We sometimes feel
A pang of doubt,
Maybe this
Is a test
I could have done without,
But Hashem has faith in you
That you can do it,
He’ll give you the strength
To help you through it.

Pushing through the tunnel
Never gonna stop,
Climbing up the mountain
Till you reach the top,
The struggles that you face
Will make you stronger,
So don’t let go
It’s just a little longer.

So hold on tight
Hashem is at your side,
It’s alright
Don’t be afraid to cry,
Because all the gates of Heaven
Are open wide,
And every tear
Will find its way inside,
.אל תתיאש, ה׳ תמיד אתך

INSTRUMENTAL 1st Half Chorus then:
Our תפילות are an anchor
In the storm,
The longest night
Is over with the dawn.

תחזיק חזק, עלה קטן שלי
,כי לא תמיד הכל בחוץ בהיר
ורוח סער וסופה קרה
,תזכור ותתחזק אני איתך
.תחזיק חזק, עלה קטן שלי