TATENYU- 8th Day- Composed By Shmuli Marcus- Chasing Prophecy

Jack grew up in New York City, on the plaza with a view
His parents were screaming Harvard,
But he was just looking for You
He came by for a Shabbos, we stayed up way past 2
We spoke about a life of meaning,
‘Cuz he was just looking for You.

M’zuch nisht Deine Olam Haba (we aren’t looking for your Olam Haba)
M’zucht nisht Deine Gan Eden (we aren’t looking for your Gan Eden)
M’vil nisht chappen Deine Malachim (we don’t want to catch Your angels)
M’zucht nor Dich alein (we are only looking for YOU)
Not looking for your Heaven’s doors
Not looking for your mirrored walls
Not looking to pull any strings
We’re just looking for you

Jack’s now Yaakov Halevi, and our friendship really grew
He’s got a nice place in the Old City,
Where he’s just looking for you.
Still a big fan of the Yankees, and a Harvard alumni too
But his grand-kids are keeping Shabbos
And singing this song about you.