SHABBOS GOY- Country Yossi- Ride Again
(Parody Of “Soldier Boy”- The Shirelles-
Composed By Luther Dixon & Florence Greenberg)

Shabbos Goy,
Oy, my little Shabbos Goy,
Hope you’re not a Jew…

I left the light on
In my bedroom Friday night
I can’t sleep with so much light
But I know what to do.
On Kings Highway
I see you walking my way
I ask you in a shy way
If you are a Jew.

Excuse me, sir, are you Jewish?
Say what?
Are you a Jew?
Do I look Jewish to you?
Oh, great! I’m so happy you’re not Jewish!
You happy I ain’t Jewish? I’m happy you ain’t black, so there!
Can you come into my house for a minute?
Come into your house? You crazy? I don’t even know you!
It’s very hot in my house!
It’s hot in your house, it’s hot everywhere!
Why you invite me into your hot house??
I wish someone would put my air conditioner on…
You want me to put it on??
I didn’t say that.
So you don’t want me to put it on?
I didn’t say that neither!
Well, what would you like me to do?!?
I can’t tell you, can you guess?
Yes! I’m guessing you outa your mind!!!
So I press this button here.
Yeah! I mean no! I mean, I don’t know!
You nuts, man! I’m outa here. Man, these Jews is crazy!

One Shabbos it was boiling
My dining room was broiling
No air conditioning
But I knew what to do.
I go outside
Ask you to step inside
You look at me cross-eyed
‘Cause I can’t tell you what to do.

Shabbos Goy,
Kvetch de button ot ah zoy
I’m lucky I found you.