BROKEN HEARTS- 8th Day- Composed By Bentzy & Shmuli Marcus- Brooklyn

He woke up on his last morning
Under a sky so blue
The battlefield stretches a mile
Cries echo through
From the shackles and the chains
He whispers his final song
He’s talking to heaven when he cries
How long?! How long?!
Though the Leningrad search lights
May be far behind her
She’s living with a secret
Buried deep inside her
She pictures her children
And she tries to stay strong
She’s talking to heaven when she cries
How long? How long?!
How long?! How long?! Ad Mosai, till when?!
When all the hearts are broken
How can You shatter a dream
When all the world is trembling
How can You shake anything
When all the songs have ended
Only Your song will sing better
You’re the only who can put a broken heart back together
It happens every morning
Sometime around six
The sun it starts shining
Playing all those tricks
With a paintbrush in your hand
And the canvas on the wall
We’re talking to heaven when we cry
How long?! How long?!