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Born In : Rehovot, Israel
Web Site : eyalgolanofficial.mobapp.at/

Eyal Golan (Biton) was born on 12 April 1971 to Ronit Jamil and Daniel Biton, in the Kfar Marmorek neighborhood of Rehovot, where he lives to this day.
In his youth he played soccer in Hapoel Marmorek until 2002, when he began to sing as a main hobby.
In 2002, Golan married beauty queen Ilanit Levy. The couple divorced six years later.
Golan and Levi have two children, Liam and Aline.
Eyal Golan is one of the most prominent singers in Israeli music and is considered to be the most successful commercially following the sale of millions of albums and mobile downloads.

Road Start:
At the age of 19, Golan began collecting material for his first album, “Whispering at Night,” which he produced independently and was released in 1996. The album was not a big success and sold only 10,000 albums.
In the same year, Golan signed a contract of management and production with Yishai Ben Tzur, who produced the album “Eyal Golan Live” (1996), which included innovations for songs by Zohar Argov, Boaz Sharabi and other artists alongside songs from the first album “whispering at night”. The album was successful and was sold tens of thousands of copies.

In 1997 he began collaborating with the popular “Ethnix” band, and as soon as the first single “Lev of a Man” was released, the collaboration became a success that was expressed in the album “Without You” (1997). The album sold over 300,000 copies and became one of the best-selling Israeli albums. That same year, Eyal Golan won the title of “Singer of the Year” on Channel 2 and became the first Mediterranean singer to win this title. The wave of success continued a year later when Golan and Athenics released the album “Soldier of Love” (1998), which included the hits “My Beautiful” and “Tears”. Following the success of the album, Golan embarked on an international tour.

The fifth album by Eyal Golan (and the third with Ethnix), “Look at Me”, sold over 170,000 copies. After a joint tour recorded in the album “The Concert”, the parties decided to end the collaboration.
In 2001, Golan’s solo album “Zlil Meitar” was released, which included the hits “Sound of Meitar” and “Million or Dollars”. The album was written by prominent and leading Israeli artists such as Shlomi Shabat, Avihu Medina and Ehud Manor. Within ten days alone, the album’s sales reached triple platinum status (120,000 copies).
A year later, Golan released his seventh album “And I Call You”, which included Arkady Duchin, Shlomo Artzi and Micha Sheetrit. In 2003, Golan’s eighth album, “Dreams,” was released, which included innovations for songs by various artists.
In 2005, Golan released his album “Another Reality,” which included “My Beauty Queen” and “Misses”. Golan testified that the most connected to this album because the production of his found the middle of his Israeli, without definitions of music one way or another.
In March 2007, he released the album “For You I Was Created” after a year of work in which the singles “Do not Go Me”, “If There Is a Garden of Eden” and “For You I Was Created”. Within four months, more than 130,000 copies of the album were sold.

Eyal Golan’s career peaked in 2008 when the 11th album was released, “Fancy You Molly.” The album’s theme song, “Fancy You Molly,” has reached 120,000 mobile uses. The album sold more than 145,000 copies within a month and a half and earned Golan the title “Singer of the Year” and “Visions of Me” as “Song of the Year” in the media.
In April 2008, Eyal Golan began his first tour in a career that included performances at the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv (recorded in the DVD album, the Haifa Congress Hall, the Amphi at Lehavim, Binyanei Ha’uma in Jerusalem and in July and August at four amphitheater in Caesarea.

In March 2009, Golan released the album “It’s Me”, which sold more than 170,000 copies in a month and a half and reached number one on the cellular charts with 600,000 cellular applications – an all-time Israeli record for a single album. During the summer of 2009, Golan broke another record – a tour that included 12 performances in the Caesarea amphitheater. These performances in Caesarea were recorded and even came out in a DVD version and a double album – “Eyal Golan in Caesarea”. Later in the year, Golan was also crowned as the “Decade Singer” in the framework of Channel 24’s “Decade Soundtrack.” Towards the end of the year, Golan released a number of successful singles: “On a Thin Line,” the duet with “Sarit Hadad” Jungle “which were included in the 13th album called” Derech LeChaim “.
The album was officially launched in March 2010 in parallel with the launch of an innovative iPhone app of its kind in Israel.

In April, Channel 24 featured the musical reality show “Eyal Golan Calling You”, which was an unprecedented success in ratings and a lot of praise in the music industry. At the end of the program Eyal Golan chose Moran Mazor to produce a debut album.

In April 2011 he released his 15th album “Part of My Life” which includes 17 different tracks including the hits: You were born for me, let’s run away, I wanted to tell you and a broken picture. The album sold more than 80,000 copies