WOULD YOU PLEASE- Miami Boys Choir- Composed by Yerachmiel Begun- Miami Live & Miami 25

Would you please let me sing in the choir,
And I hope that my voice will not tire,
I could sing forever,
Forever to Hashem,
We could sing together,
‘cause I’ve got the Bren.

Yes, my folks think it’s good for my Yiddishkeit*,
If I Daven and learn really well,
Though I’m not a solo
With a heartzadike voice,
I could sing high or low,
That’s Hashem’s choice.

And my Rebbi knows
How it should be,
And he also said
It may be good for me.

Would you please let me sing in your choir,
Each new Nigun, with Koach I’ll aquire,
Hear me out today,
And my friends will say,
Will you please let me sing, in,
The choir, the choir, the choir,
The choir.

(*By Miami 25 the lyrics here are “Yes, I do think…”)