THE 8TH NOTE (Eng)- A.K.A. Pella- Composed By Yossi Green- The 8th Note

Have you heard of the note
that will bring a peace divine?
A legend told, to young and old, a gift through time…
The angels use this note to please the Holy One.
Waves of sound, perfect harmony is spun.

One by one, all will come, in selfless unity.
A secret chord, awake once more, yes finally.
A great new melody is just about to soar,
And you’ll be more, than you were ever before.

Just as one note alone, on its own,
won’t make music sound right,
And when colors converge,
they all marge into radiant light.
In the eight note we’re both in the song
Our voices ringing loud and strong.
Brother, you and me, souls in harmony,
And when we all sing together, the music sets us free.

I know it’s coming soon, a better brighter day,
When in our hearts we all will hear the eighth note play.
That great new melody, has just begun to soar,
Now we are more, than we ever were before.