THANK YOU SHLOMO- Sung & Composed By Rocky Zweig- Legacy

Sitting and learning,
The melody’s burning,
It just won’t be contained in his soul.
Slowly he rises,
His heart harmonizes,
Now the flame rages out of control.

And he sings all he feels,
And he feels all he sings,
And he knows all the joy
That his music brings.
Every wedding it’s played
It’s a Mitzvah he’s made,
And the song in his heart won’t be still.

There’s a soul yet to save,
A Baal Teshuva to reach,
There are thousands of children
His songs can teach.
So he hasn’t a choice,
He must raise up his voice,
Until all of his dreams are fulfilled.

Each note can capture
The love and the rapture,
‘Cause he puts so much warmth in each chord.
Each note’s an ember
That helps him remember
That his music’s a gift from his Lord.

And the beard’s turning gray,
And the wrinkles do show,
But the twinkling eyes
Cause his face to glow.
New vitality reigns
In each Passuk he sings,
And the words seem to jump off the pages.

Now, remember with me
Back to when we were young
To the first time you heard
Borchi Nafshi sung
And give thanks to that soul
Burning out of control
For his music will last through the ages.