SAY THE WORDS- Sung & Composed By Ari Goldwag- Am Echad

In our world it is so hard to express emotion
But the feelings somehow surface time and again
Gratitude for all we have, and all we’ll ever know
We owe Hashem
How do we express thanks for infinite kindness
The love He showers, never-ending, on mankind
But we can express our love, show what we’re thinking of
What’s on our minds.

Don’t be shy to say the words
I love You, Hashem
You might feel strange when you first start
To say it now and then
But as the strength within you grows
And that feeling comes again
Naturally, those words will flow
I love You, Hashem.

Appreciate His kindness in each moment,
His hand in every heartbeat, in each breath His love,
He makes each person whole, breathes into him a soul
From above
And yet, we struggle with this challenge
To capture that emotion, if but in part
There are four words we can say, yes, we can begin today
With all our hearts.