PRAYER FOR PEACE- Sung & Composed By Ken Burgess- Melech

I looked up at the window, it was empty,
There were no smiling eyes,
The child who was there wasn’t there no more.
The street was full of people, they were crying.
Their tears touched the floor,
A black and sign of sorrow hung upon the door.

Oh! “Elokim” please save your children,
They are innocent and young.
For the terrorists of evil
kill themselves to kill your sons.
Oh! “Elokim”, please save your children, every one.

The young man was a scholar, Just a servant
of the law of the Lord,
He read Tehillim at the station, on this way home.
His family were waiting, anticipating,
his key in the door.
The door never opened, his soul wasn’t here no more.

Oh! “Elokim” please help your young men,
they are far too young to die.
For the evil hand of terror
Strike like cowards from behind,
Oh! “Elokim”, please help your young men to survive.

Near the gates of Jerusalem, Holy city of holy men.
You can see them pray at their loved one’s graves.
Placing their stone on stone, Hearts cry out at the
holy wall, begging you to protect us all.
Oh! Lord of all, please bless your children,
We need your mercy now.

The old man sat in silence,
drinking coffee, at the cafe of hope.
Remembering days when he never sat there alone.
The burning cloud of evil rose above him,
His head hit the floor.
His eyes where wide open, but they
didn’t see no more.

“Elokim” please free your people,
from the evil that is done.
For the evil men of terror,
bite like serpents then they run.
Oh! “Elokim” please, save Yisroel, every one.
Oh! “Elokim” please may your holy will be done,
And then may Moshiach’s song be sung.