POSITIVE- Lipa Schmeltzer Ft. Matt Dubb- Composed By Lipa- Be Positive

Pa Pa Pa

Is a Nega Tzuras…..
(Everybody be Positive, help my father be
positive, Yeaah.)

Yeah it’s your boy
Matt Dubb
We’re on the track yeah.

You got me going crazy
I’m on my feet now
Rapping to my beat yeah
I know I’ve got things to say
But before I say
I gotta pray.

That what I’m thinking
is coming from my heart
Coming from my heart
Coming from my heart.

You got me so sedated
But I can’t help
Feel elated
Hey I know everything
That Lipa’s been through
But yet he still does
Everything he needs to do,

We’re keeping positive.

So let me scratch all that
That I thought was addictive.

You got me feeling high
Like angels
Soaring up above
In the sky.

Now move move
Move to this beat yo until
You feel the heat
In your feet yo.

Nega….. Is a Nega Tzuras.
Posi posi…

Yeah it’s the only mentality
Now Lipa go and do your thing
Thing Think Thing Think
Now show the
The positivity you bring
Bring Bring Bring Bring Bring.