PEACE- The Chevra Ft. Eli Gerstner- Composed By Eli Gerstner- Chai

I believe that the circle, the circle is unbroken
And we are brothers underneath it all
Words of hatred are better left unspoken
Hand in hand it’s time to raise the call.

I’m praying for the day that we live in
When we can find a way
For us all to stand together
Teach our children something better
Make a promise that a new day soon will bring

Now I’ve been seeing a change in
The way we treat each other
Where there was anger is a better state of mind
One to another
We can change this world for better
Cause what you put out there
Comes back to you in kind, oh.

Reach out if you believe
If you believe in
Don’t you feel the need
To reach out to one another
Like a sister or a brother
Because love alone can make this yearning cease
And bring us Peace.

Don’t matter if you’re left or right
Just live with dignity
Compromise without a fight
It’s only fair
So take your brother by the hand
And forever live in unity
Together in every land…in peace. Oh peace!

Sim Shalom
Tovah U’vrucha
Please Grant us peace
Al Yerushalayim Kodsh’cha
Al Tzion Mishkan K’vodecha
Malchus Bais Duvid M’shichecha
In our hearts and minds and homes
Oh, Sim Shalom.

I’m reachin’ out ‘cause I believe,
I believe in Peace, (oh peace)
Cause now I feel the need
To reach out to one another
Like a sister or a brother
Can you close your eyesand
dream this dream with me
Where there is Peace
(my dream is peace).