BEDERECH HATORAH- Miami Boys Choir- Composed by Yerachmiel Begun, Lyrics by Shoshana Begun- Bederech Hatorah We Will Prevail

There’s war out there
there’s a battle to be won
our souls are on the run.

Spreading everywhere
their pursuit is never done
and it calls to everyone.

When we’re turning left or right
we can’t avoid the sight
of this culture all around
and the depths that know no bounds
stay away-far away-look away-stay away.

So let your inner voice
direct our only choice
that helps us stand apart
and helps that know no bounds
.עם אחד, גוי אחד, איש אחד, לב אחד

Gotta be strong-gotta be strong
gotta be-gotta be-be strong-be strong.

We do proclaim, in Hashem’s name
we will stay strong, we won’t go wrong
we wil prevail, we will not fail
.אנו הולכים בדרך התורה

With this our cry, banner up high
our torch is old, with flames of gold
we march with pride, with our ancient guide
.אנו הולכים בדרך התורה

Yes- we stand for all that’s right
No- we won’t give up the fight
Yes- we must affirm today it’s the Torah way.

Yes- to spirituality
No- we say to apathy
not the Torah way.

Our goal in life so clear
a home kadosh so dear
we will not be afraid
a decision has been made
stay away-far away-look away-stay away.

Amid the world’s unrest
our nation has been blessed
for we have an inner peace
our riches never cease
.עם אחד, גוי אחד, איש אחד, לב אחד