A JEWEL IN THE CROWN- Lev V’nefesh- Composed by Abie Rotenberg- Lev V’nefesh 1

There once was a Jew,
A diamond so clear and so bright,
A marvelous wonderful gem,
Of shimmering dazzling light.

Oh, how it would glow,
With a brilliance that set it apart,
It seemed like the sun and the stars,
Had gathered to shine from its heart.
Oh, where have you gone,
Beautiful, sparkling stone?
Without you beside me
I feel so alone, so alone.

Tell me, where can you be,
Diamond, so precious and dear?
Can there be a place
Your more needed than here?
There’s a story; a tale,
A mystical legend of old,
That up in the heavens there’s a crown,
Made from the purest of gold.

And it’s studded with jewels,
Each one most rare and sublime,
Carefully chosen,
One by one, since the dawn of time.
No more do I seek,
My precious jewel has been found,
There’s now one more jewel,
One more jewel in the crown,
One more jewel in the crown.