Michoel Streicher


Born In : Brooklyn, NY

Streicher was born and raised in Brooklyn, United States. He studied at the Lucerne Yeshiva in Switzerland, where he was encouraged by yeshiva head Rabbi Yitzchak Dov Kopelman to develop his musical talent. After his marriage he began singing at family events and became a well-known singer in the Hasidic world. He also served as cantor in a series of synagogues in the United States and Canada.

In 1989 Streicher released his debut album “The Whole Truth”. But his main release came with the publication of the album “Thank you!”, Which included the song “Ein Aroch” which won great sympathy. The performance of the song, which was composed by Benny Hershkowitz in the original lyrics of “Lechol Nafshasna” from the Psalms of Shabbat, has since been recorded by many artists. The song was a favorite of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Streicher performed it for him in his home.

In 1990, Streicher and chassidic singer Mordechai Ben David performed for children with cancer in Zichron Menachem. The event was one of the first live performances in the haredi community and left its mark on Hasidic music. Parallel to his success as a singer he founded a diamond trading business.

His musical style is characterized by a lyrical tenor, deep and quiet, and he was also famous for the cantorial passages that he combined in some of his poems.

Among his outstanding works are the songs he performed for “Nachamu”, “Raza D’Shabbat”, “Tefilat Haderech”, “Song for the Future” (Nigun Baal Shem Tov). Another famous song is “The Last Seder Night in the Warsaw Ghetto,” to lyrics and music by Shlomo Carlebach, whose musical way served as a source of inspiration.

At the end of the 1990s he immigrated to Israel, settled in the ultra-Orthodox community of Modi’in Illit and devoted most of his day to Torah study at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem, alongside evening performances at family events. The study influenced the nature of the hits he produced at the time, including “The Power of Torah”, “Yesod Hasidut” and “The Song of Father” about the love of the Torah study of Rabbi Moshe Hevroni, head of the Hebron Yeshiva, composed by R’ Hillel Palai. The song “Power of Torah” was performed at the end of the Talmud in 2005, in the presence of prominent rabbis and tens of thousands of participants.

Some melodies that appeared in Streicher’s albums were copied from foreign music bands, without mentioning the original, a rather common phenomenon in Hasidic music. The melody of the song “Michael – Hora (Everything from the Dabid”) from the album “Thank you” was taken from the song “Rasputin” by the German-Jamaican band Bonnie Am and the melody of “Genghis Khan”.

Streicher has eleven children, some of whom have been famous as singers and cantors in their own right, and some of them accompany the father with various records. In 2012 they released a family album “Say a little and do a lot”. His son Eli appeared as a prodigy in part of the “Lechaim Tish” series and at events in Vizhnitz Hassidism.

(2012)He has served as cantor in the Young Israel Synagogue on Ninth Avenue in Brooklyn, and as a voice development teacher.