WE MAY ALL BE DIFFERENT- Benny Friedman & Joey Newcomb- Composed by Yitzy Waldner, Lyrics by Miriam Israeli- Single 2021

We may all look different
Yet inside we’re much the same
Different faces different names
Can we still share joy and pain?

We may all feel different
But we share a beating heart
Why should we be torn apart
From each other?

We may all think different
And at times we don’t agree
Can we understand and see
That we’re still a family?

We may all be different
But in learning to respect
We can heal and reconnect
To each other.

In a world that is crying out in pain
You and I are the ones who can make things change.

If I dare to reach out to you
Will you cross the divide
We can build it all anew
If we can unite.

So let’s bring the joy and peace
To our families and homes
With the blessing of shalom
Time to break the barriers
That have kept us apart
And to melt away the ice
That has frozen our hearts.

Watching all our dreams come true
As we join side by side
One great nation forever.

Can we bridge the difference
Maybe reach across the aisle
Shake a hand or give a smile
It will all be worth the while.

Cuz we’re not so different
Let’s accept a fellow Jew
And there’s nothing I won’t do
For my brother.

For the peace and the harmony
Are a vessel that holds
All the good we could ever see
And the blessings untold.

Take the challenge and join with me
Watch the wonders unfold
We’re all in this together.