UP ALL NIGHT- Mordechai Shapiro Ft. Danny Palgon- Composed By Mordechai Shapiro & Mordechai Brezel, Lyrics By Mordechai Brezel- Hakol Mishamayim

Turning through pages of our history
all through the ages it’s hard to believe
Was there ever a time with no need to fear
what tomorrow will bring will our sun reappear.

Everywhere I turn its so clear to see
the faces of struggling calling out to me
Poverty and suffering its laced in our tracks
so many young children who fall through the cracks.

I can be up all night thinking of all the pain
when will we see our sunrise
the light of a better day
Tell me how long will it take.

I just wanna close my eyes thinking of a better place
a world we’re afraid no more
A world we can embrace
Tell me why we still wait.

It’s been too long too much pain and sorrow
We live through our hope for a better tomorrow
We must hold tight to a dream that seems far
We’re closer than ever right where we are.

there will come a time our questions will fade
As they turn into answers as night turns to day
the sun will shine bright reasons now clear
the light from our darkness the spark from our fears.

We will be up all night celebrating all the pain
How did we ever doubt the tears we’ve shed in vain
We could have danced in the rain.

Now I open my eyes it’s there for all to see
hidden from the world before
no longer a mystery
We were missing a page of our story.