TOGETHER AS ONE- Jeff Braverman & Jonathan Rimberg- Together As One

If one day down the road,
I ask you to remember,
When the winds, they started swirling,
And changes were in store.

You’ll easily recall,
A vision of a soldier,
and jet fighter in the night,
Heading off to war.

Eit le’ehov v’eit lisno eit milchama veit shalom

A time to love a time to hate
A time for war, a time for peace.
There will come a time,
When all the world share peace of mind,
Together as one.

Eit Laharog V’eit Lirpo Eit Lifrotz V’eit Livnot

A time to slay,
A time to heal,
A time to tear down,
A time to rebuild.

We must understand
The future lies within our own hands,
Together as one.

The walls came tumbling down,
A curtain now stands parted
And people of the world have choices never known.

But even as we speak,
Millions still go hungry,
With pleading eyes they wander,
With heavy hearts they roam.

So what are we to make of all that’s happened,
To people whose names we do not know?
Let pride and courage clearly show.
To recognize them is to see,
It happened to you,
It could happen to me.

Let’s stand together, Together as one!