THE SEARCH- JEP- Composed by Chanie Obermeister, Lyrics by Esther Cagen & Seymour Rockoff A”H- Volume 2-Banim Atem
(Later Recorded on Shalsheles Jr. 1)

I search and I wander, lost and alone,
My friend’s but a shadow, and no place my home.
The sun shines so strongly, but I cannot see,
The road is too steep with no passage for me.

I’m merely a child, but inside I’ve grown old,
The world cannot touch me, for each touch is cold.
The warmth that I search for is nowhere in sight,
I see only sorrow, I see only night.

A voice came to greet me, extending its heart,
A voice pleading softly, “do not stand apart”,
A voice giving warmth I’d not known before,
A voice casting light as it opened the door.

I followed that voice, and soon I could see,
A room filled with children all welcoming me.
The beauty of Torah was drawing me near,
A light in the darkness, so pure and so clear.

That voice is still with me, it hovers above,
It echoes my feelings, it fills me with love.
The sounds all around me awaken my soul,
My heart is so youthful, though I have grown old.

I still cannot rest, my work is not done,
I dream of young voices resounding as one.
So much yet to ponder, so much I must do,
The voice I have followed must reach every Jew.

I’ll follow that voice and soon I will see,
A room full of children, all listening to me.
I’ll speak of the Torah drawing them near,
A light in the darkness, so pure and so clear.

The voice that I heard from, so long long ago,
Is my inspiration, to learn and to grow.
I’ll whisper its message, so simple and true,
and if you just listen, it will speak to you.

We’ll follow that voice and soon there will be,
A world where our children can live peacefully.
The study of Torah, we hope and we pray,
Will shatter the darkness, turn night into day.

I’ll whisper its message, so simple and true,
And if you just listen, that voice speaks to you.