THE CANDLE- Efraim Mendelson- Composed By Abie Rotenberg, Lyrics By Yonatan Schwartz- Rak Al Avinu (T.T.T.O. Teardrop- Journeys)

When a hush swept the crowd
in the candlelit chamber
they all knew to silently wait
in the lengthening shadows
of flickering amber
the Rebbe began to relate.

And the angels in heaven
they listened in silence
to a tale of sorrow and hope;
a tale of people
in a world full of violence,
angels beyond Heaven’s scope.

The Rebbe’s eyes filled as he spoke
an anguished filled whisper, his voice nearly broke
it was in Auschwitz, the darkest of nights
there shone the brightest,
the brightest of lights.

Friday in Auschwitz, who cared
which day it was when their hearts had despaired
but one young mother stood facing her death
and asked for a match with her very last breath.

And her hands lit two candles
with a trembling finger
she watched the flame dance from each wick,
she recited the Bracha and let her words linger
Asher Kidshanu… Lehadlik.

And the angels in heaven
they listened in silence
to a Bracha of sorrow and hope,
to a Bracha of a woman
in a world full of violence,
an angel beyond heaven’s scope.

She covered her eyes and she cried
Hashem, in just moments, I’ll be at your side.
Let these two candles avenge our blood
and then her voice rang out, Hashem Echad.

In the candlelit chamber they wept
and with a tremor, the Rebbe then leapt,
look how they went to the torture, the gas
Hashem, you have children like no one else has.

And your children are pleading,
why has Hashem not built yet
the Mikdash he promised to build?
Oh, your children are awaiting
so anxious and guilt set
for the prophesy to be fulfilled.

And the angels in heaven,
they nodded in silence
to this prayer of sorrow and hope,
to the prayer of his children
in a world full of violence,
angels beyond heaven’s scope.

If it’s the fire you miss,
listen- that young mother’s ember still hiss,
and if it’s stones that you’re lacking, Hashem,
they weight on our hearts, we have plenty of them.

Of water there can be no dearth,
who has cried more than your children on earth?
What then is missing, oh please, Hashem, tell,
to rebuild the Mikdash for Am Yisrael.
Oh, rebuild the Beis Hamikdash for Am Yisrael.