MORE LIGHT- Sung & Composed By Yaakov Feldstein- Single 2015

A broken smile on those who don’t
The power of will to those who won’t
Today’s your day to share a dream
It goes away if you don’t believe

If you can walk, walk for him
If you can talk, give her strength within
Plant a seed in the ground
Take the stage so we can hear your sound

More light, more love
Sing the song that goes on and on
More light
Hold on tight, through it all
Pick the whole world up if you see it fall
More light

If there’s a space that you can fill
Look inside, you’ll find the skill
You can shine strong like the sun
Tell the lonely that we are one

There’s so much art for you to choose
It’s all in the heart that you infuse
Make the climb, give it a chance
With what you find, teach the weak to dance

Don’t need a cape to be a hero
It’s more heroic to teach others to fly
Just need the strength to carry on
Search for the courage to stand up and fight.

Oh oh oh oh….

More light