LEIBY FOREVER (English Version)- Sung & Composed By Lipa Schmeltzer- Leiby Forever (2011)

A boy was heading home in the afternoon
when he reached his home in Heaven, he arrived there all too soon
greeted by Avinu Shebashomayim
in the sky, we’re left behind to wonder and question why.

How precious, his Neshoma pure and good
Leiby strove to learn, to be the best he could
his gentleness and warmth, in our hearts will always be
his smile will forever linger in our memory.

This little one was taken, left us shocked and shaken
it feels like there’s an emptiness inside
an innocent Akeidah
we’re frightened and afraid, uh
there’s so much evil, nowhere left to hide.

Leiby, you depart, but you’ve just become a part
of one whole, you’re like our own who disappears
In hundreds of Kehillos,
in thousands of our Tefillos
in millions of our cries, and our tears.

Leiby, we miss you by our side
when did we lose you, on your last one… of life (?)
We searched and you helped us unite
through you, we became one, you flamed flickers on
because Ner Hashem, Nishmas Adam.

The closeness that you brought into our midst
a nation came to know a shared togetherness,
if we hold on to that feeling, that profound Kiddush Hashem
it’s like we’re holding Leiby and embracing once again.

Leiby, open up the gates
for everyone who still waits
and searches through a darkness of their own
Let’s join now, with one goal
to rescue every lost soul
into the light, let’s bring our children home.

Kinderlach, we miss you at our side
where did we lose you, on your walk away from truth
we’re searching, you’re at risk in the night
brothers, we are on, our flame flickers on.

Let’s make sure this loss won’t be in vain
for the mother who is hurting
for the father who’s in pain
Leibelah, stand in front of Heaven’s throne
ask him to help us, oy, every child alone,
Leiby, shine your light to brighten the way home.

Leiby, forever, lanetzach, Leiby, we remember.