KIBUD AV VA’EM- Marvelous Midos Machine- Composed By Abie Rotenberg- Episode 3

Do you call him Totty?
Maybe you say Abba,
Perhaps, to you, he’s Daddy,
Or do you call him Poppa?

Do you call her Mommy?
Or is she known as Imma?
It really does not matter,
They’re your mother and your father.

From the day that you were born,
They have shown how much they care.
They’ve held you close and dried your tears
Whenever you were scared.

They’ve worked so hard to give you,
Right from the very start.
Don’t think that it’s been easy,
But they love you from their hearts.

See your mother standing,
She’s covering her eyes.
As she lights the Shabbos candles,
You can hear her softly cry.

Hashem, please guide my children
In everything they do.
Yes, even in her prayers,
She always thinks of you.

Do you think it is unfair
If they ever ask of you,
For a little time, a bit of help,
Is it too much to do?

It’s your turn to be unselfish,
It’s a chance to let them know,
Just how much you really love them,
And you’re proud to let it show.


They’ve been right there by your side,
Through the good times and the bad,
Laughing with you,
Crying when you’re sad.

There is no one in the world,
Who loves you like they do,
So show them every way you can
They mean so much to you…
How much you love them too.