JERICHO- Shlock Rock- 4 Corners Project
(Parody of Thunder Road- Sung & Composed By Bruce Springsteen)

The steel door slammed, and nary a soul came
With precision the tribes crossed the river Jordan we were all amazed
River stood still so thickly, I’m giving you Jericho quickly.

Welcome home again, God said It’s time to inherit the land again
Won’t you walk outside, circle the city six days for
Oh on the seventh day you’ll circle the walls seven more
Shofar will play seven times, that’s right
The priests will blow and then what a sight
What a sight there will be.

You can try to take cover but it was all in vain
The decree from above meant Joshua would attain
Walls tumbled down and the men went again
To save just one family.

Because Rachav had helped them it was understood
They redeemed her family for all she did was good
Have to reward her for what she had done
This is how it went down, she put a…

Ribbon on the window and we’ll protect her from despair
The walls coming down was a miracle for all to share
And all the spoils that we yield
Will go to God ‘cause that’s the deal
Time to attack, heaven knows God’s got our back.

Oh Oh he took a stand
Sent the spies out to case the promised land
Oh oh oh oh, Jericho
Oh, Jericho, oh, Jericho.

Uhh, For forty years we went out and got the Manna
But now that stopped and with God we are on our own.

Oh oh oh oh, Jericho
That’s right, story told, Jericho
Well, I got this Shofar and we played it after the walk
But the curse is back so no one will remake the walls.

With the foundation the son we’ll bury
When you finish you’ll be bereaved
So don’t ignore the words I have spoken
The curse of Jericho can never be broken.

And in Gilgal there was a memorial of all those past days
There were twelve stones arranged to commemorate
The Tribes that day
And the shouts that was a feat
Caused the walls to come down in a heap.

And Joshua’s legacy was born
Throughout the land his name lived on
We felt the light of the Lord
All had heard
So no one would sin
No place for the losers, Israel was here to win.