IT HAD TO BE HASHEM- Journeys- Composed By Abie Rotenberg- Journeys 1

Let me tell you about the world we’re in, come listen my dear children,
For you can ask the question, it ain’t no sin, “Just how did the world begin?”

Who made the darkness and the light, a million stars to shine at night,
Got them all to work just right? Had to be Hashem, had to be Hashem.

Made the oceans and fish, candy bars and licorice,
And all he did was make a wish, had to be Hashem.

All you ever gotta do, is take the time, to think it through
Because even though he’s out of view, he’s there all right, and he’s watching you.

Taught the birds to sing their song, made the giraffes neck real long,
even taught us right from wrong, had to be Hashem, had to be Hashem.

Made the trees and flowers grow, rabbit fast, and the turtle slow,
All the colors of the rainbow, had to be Hashem.

Now that it’s plain and clear to see, I’d like you to all to join with me,
And get the whole world to agree, how everything came to be.

Made the planets and the sky, the valley’s low, and mountains high,
Well, look in the Torah, it never lies, had to be Hashem, had to be Hashem.

Who made the sun, made the moon, lightning flash and thunder boom,
Even helped me write this tune, had to be Hashem.

Who else, could you ever find, creates souls for all mankind.
And furnish them with thinking minds, had to be Hashem, had to be Hashem.