HERE COMES THE TROLLEY- Composed By Shmuel Kunda- When Zaidy Was Young, Tale 1

Here comes the trolley,
There goes the trolley,
I see the trolley
Rolling down the street.
Let’s watch the trolley,
Let’s catch the trolley,
Jump on the trolley,
Find yourself a seat.

Rattlin’ and shakin’,
The neighborhoods awaken
When that old trolley
Comes a-clanking down the track.
Up to the West side,
Down to the East side,
Look everybody,
The trolley’s coming back.

So… Jump on the trolley,
You’ll feel so jolly,
Ridin’ the trolley
From Henry street to East Broadway.
I’m on the trolley,
Climb on the trolley,
Let’s ride the trolley
The entire day.

Call Uncle Cholly
And Cousin Molly
What fun and folly
Ridin’ down the street.
Don’t wait for your Wally
Or you’ll be solly
Don’t miss the trolley
Better move your feet.

Rattlin’ and shakin’
What a ride we’re takin’
It doesn’t matter
If you’re going near or far
Even with a fever
I’ll go to Yeshiva
If I can just ride
On my trolley car.

Because by golly
I feel so jolly
Taking the trolley
To the school of RJJ.
With Uncle Cholly
And Cousin Molly
Even with Wally
Every single day.