DOLLAR BILL- Sung & Composed by Moshe Yess- Megama Debut Album (1980)

One day a dollar bill was floating through the air,
It flew into a synagogue and no one else was there,
It landed on the Bimah and it tried to go to sleep,
But from the Aron Kodesh a voice began to speak.

“Who is in my synagogue?” The dollar bill said “I.
I’ve come here from America, and there’s nothing I can’t buy.
That’s why people worship me, tell me, who are you?”
“My name is the Torah and everything I say is true”.

“Tell me, tell me, Torah, why do you speak so sad?
You live in this nice synagogue, I think you should be glad”,
“I’ve always lived with Israel”, the Torah did reply,
And my people do not listen, and I just wonder why”.

And the dollar bill was laughing as it flew into the air,
It flew into the street and some people gathered there,
Everyone was jumpin’ up to get it in their hand,
Everyone was jumpin’ up in the Promised Land.

And somewhere in a synagogue very late at night,
There burns an olive oil lamp, it’s the eternal light,
And from the Aron Kodesh, a cry is heard once more,
And it you look real close, you can see the teardrops on the floor.