COLORED CANDLES- Destiny- Sung & Composed By Eli Nathan- Destiny Vol. 1

From his block of rolling lawns and fancy cars
He was so proud that he’d come so far
With the greatest of ease, he moved through high society
That grocer boy from the city streets
Well he long since gone and changed his name
It was the only way that he could play the game
With the neighbors like the Richardsons, the Williams and the Johns, what could he do
With a name like Cohen?

But he had one memory,
Yes, his father he did see
Lighting colored candles on the windowsill
Eight days a year he’d light
Another candle every night
It lingered in his memory still.

In December came home from school
His little girl called Sue
She held a picture of an X-mas tree she drew
All the kids in my class have one
She said with a tear,
And could we have one in our home this year.

He didn’t know what to do
With his little daughter sue
Although her desires he wished to fulfill
“My dear sue, listen to me,
There’s something better than a tree,
It lingers in my memory still”.

The next day he came home from work
With a Menora in his hand
His dear wife said to him “Joel!
I just don’t understand,
We’ve worked so hard to get to
Where we are today,
And now what will we do?
What will the neighbors say?

But he lit those candles anyways, yes, there were 5 that night
And from his window to the street
Glowed the candlelight
They were burning for an hour
Maybe a little more
When suddenly Mr. Richardson stood there by the door.

He said would it be ok
If a word to you I’d say
There’s something about those candles you must know
Yes, they bring back memories,
Of my father I still see
As he lit those candles many years ago.

He stepped outside on that night
And boy was he surprised!
He couldn’t believe what he saw
He couldn’t believe his eyes
From all the houses on the block
Glowed candle light
From their window sills
And out unto the night.

Yes, they had one memory
Yes, their father’s they did see
Lighting colored candles on the windowsill
Eight days a year they’d light
Another candle every night
It lingered in their memory still.