BROTHERS- Jeff Braverman & Jonathan Rimberg- Shoresh

We stood at the beachside, my brother and me
Our eyes seemed to meet at the sun
I stood in America and he in Tel Aviv
So far apart we were standing.

He said to me, “brother, you’re one special man
You’ve always been there for me and then some
But there are some things your money just can’t understand
I’ll give you examples if you’ll let me.

You could never ever feel my anger
Or the fear deep down inside
You could never pray like I pray
When a missile falls from the sky.

Or the sight of a little boy
Waving to his daddy as he goes off to war”.

“It’s here in America that I’ve grown to be
A man close to family and country
And with my wife and children the future I see
Is here in surroundings that are familiar.

I’ve been raised on traditions
Not dissimilar to yours
By my mother and father and their parents before.

But please don’t misunderstand me
(I think that you’ve misunderstood)
My heart’s there with you
(It’s not just your heart that we need)
So when you need me just call me I’ll try to come through.
(It’s your mind and your body and soul we need you)”.

“Sit down and listen I’ll tell you a story of freedom
I witnessed a plane as it landed at Ben-Gurion
(Yes I know, I saw it on the six o’clock news)
And hundreds of people from Soviet Russia just stood there
(I could swear I saw tears in their eyes)
Waving our flag for the first time a sight to be seen
(Yes, I felt I was right there with you)
Brother, dear brother please come here
And share it with me.”

We stood at the beachside, my brother and me
Our eyes seemed to meet at the sun…