BRING US BACK- Tzlil V’zemer Boys Choir- Composed By Yitzy Bald- Volume 6/It’s Never Too Late

The sun breaks the dawn
The world starts to glow
Eager to meet a new day
Which Jew in need
Will cry by its side
Please show me the way!

A child at the wall
Eyes filled with tears
Why should he feel so alone?
He places a paper between the cracks
as he leaves his hand on the stones!

Hashem bring us all back
We have been away too long
The world is all confusing
To know right from wrong
You know that we’re all trying
Hear Your children crying
Bring Klal Yisrael together again.

The sun starts to fade
As darkness sets in
The wall feels there’s something unfair
It’s so hard to explain how brothers can fight
how can they say they don’t care.

The people have left
they pleaded their case
helps save the sick women and men
but if we would all join as the world would unite
and build the Beis Hamikdash again.

Chorus (3x)