Shira Choir


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Shira Choir is composed of true musical connoisseurs. Bound to the beat by the baton of Shraga Gold, its talented voices harmoniously entertain musically astute crowds worldwide. They are known to flawlessly recreate the most intricate melodies of time-honored classics made famous by today’s leading Jewish music giants.

Shraga Gold had been singing solo informally at family events for years. It took the utter amazement of a stranger to his performances to encourage his choir considerations. Shira Choir was thus born in 2003, bringing pitch perfection to the Jewish music stage.

From there, it was a tango to stardom. Shira Choir’s voice has been heard around the globe, featured as the high note at glamorous events such as chuppas in Australia, sheva brachos at sea, and the who’s who of bar mitzvah celebrations. Shira Choir is by now 30 voices strong.

Listening to a Shira performance is a journey of heart, mind and soul. The melodies emanating from the talented assembly demand complete involvement of one’s entire being. Shira Choir transforms any event into a truly memorable occasion, with attendees walking away inspired.