Eli Marcus


Born In : Long Beach, CA
Web Site : www.elimarcusmusic.com/

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Eli Marcus has been a singing sensation since he was a young boy. From local stages in Los Angeles, to international wedding halls, Eli has grown to be a recognized name in Jewish music.

In February 2015, Eli released his debut album “Dovid Hamelech” – a collaboration with famous songwriter Yossi Green. The album is a tasteful and rich blend of classic Chasidic soul melodies infused with flavors from all over the world. The songs are timeless, yet the sound is fresh and contemporary.

Eli is new on the scene but no stranger to the music industry. His brothers, Shmuel and Bentzy, top the Jewish music charts with their band “8th Day” and his uncle is one of the greatest Chasidic artists of all time, “Avraham Fried.”

Eli currently lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with his wife, Zisi, and daughter, Esther.