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Born In : Petach Tikva, Israel
Web Site : dudufisher.com/singer/

Want to make headlines? Get the lead on a hit Broadway musical. Want to make even BIGGER headlines? Accept this highly desirable role only if the producers understand you will NOT be available for Friday night or Saturday matinee performances. Welcome to the world of Dudu Fisher—a world where everything is possible as long as it is on his terms.

Fisher was so impressive as Jean Valjean—the lead role in Les Miserables, that the show’s producers allowed him to use a substitute during Friday evening and Saturday matinee performances. Even though this happened almost two decades ago in 1993-1994, Fisher still tells the story with more than a bit of pride in his voice
“That I was asked to do the role in the first place was in itself unbelievable. But that the producers agreed to allow a substitute to sing for me so that I might continue to observe Shabbat and Yom Tov, that was, I think, the biggest achievement in my life.”

Considering his impressive list of achievements, that is one observation not to be taken lightly Fisher, who was born in Petach Tikvah in 1951, studied his craft at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music, and privately under cantor Shlomo Ravitz. He then accepted the position of Chief Cantor at the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv, followed by four years in South Africa. During a trip to London, he caught a performance of Les Miserables and was determined to be its star. When the play was brought to Israel, although Fisher had had no prior professional stage experience, he felt he was meant to play the role—and so he did, starring in the Israeli version for three years, 1987-1990. It was during this time that his performance caught the attention of the show’s NY-based producers who contacted him about reprising the role on Broadway.

More than having the distinction of being the first (and perhaps still the only) Shomer Shabbos lead in a Broadway musical, Fisher has performed for audiences as diverse as the Clintons, Barbara Streisand, The Pope and The Royal Family to name but a few. In addition his Emmy nominated broadcast specials which have aired both in the US (on PBS) and Europe received impressive reviews and even more impressive ratings.

Despite a repertoire which runs the gamut from classical/opera to Broadway, pop, Israeli, Klezmer and of course chazzanus, Fisher has always been known for pushing his own “personal best” to new limits. He has shared both stage & studio with Chassidic superstars like Avraham Fried, Dedi and even collaborated with Yossi Green on a critically acclaimed album “L’Tav U’lchaim”.
Aside from the numerous one man shows including the autobiographical Never On A Friday and the Broadway inspired Over the Rainbow, Fisher has recorded close to 30 albums and also released close to 20 children’s DVDs under his “Dudu’s Kindergarten” series. In addition when Steven Spielberg needed someone to bring the “Moses” character in his animated Pesach video to life, he chose Dudu.

Despite his unprecedented musical achievements –a typical Dudu show flows flawlessly from Beach Boys to Broadway to Belzer nigunim, Dudu has never forsaken his first love…chazzanus. Guests at Kutsher’s Resort in upstate NY have been joining him for Pesach and Yomim Norayim for almost a quarter of a century. He’s a “regular” on the “Chazzanus circuit” with appearances everywhere from cruises to Manhattan & The Hamptons to South America and of course, Israel.

While other performers would be looking to slow down and allow their past accomplishments to define them, Dudu is again redefining his repertoire. At present he’s touring Israel with Kobi Arieli in a show called Yiddishpitz. Best described as “Dzigan & Shumacher” with a musical element, the all Yiddish show is proof positive that when it comes to entertaining audiences of all ages, there’s nothing DuDu can’t du…uh do.