Arik Einstein


Born In : Tel Aviv, Israel

Arik Einstein (3 January 1939, 12 Tevet- 26 November 2013, 24 Kislev 5764) was a singer, songwriter, screenwriter and Israeli actor.

He was a member of Nahal groups, Green Shadow, the Yarkon Trio and the High Windows, and part of the Lule group, and his cooperation with Shalom Chanoch and the Churchill Ensemble produced the first rock albums in Israel.

Einstein is considered one of the most important Israeli singers. Music critic Yoav Kutner described him as follows: “Arik Einstein is more than the greatest Israeli singer, Einstein is the real Land of Israel.” In 2013, Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat initiated a prize in honor of the Arik Einstein Prize, “in order to express appreciation and appreciation to veteran artists and leaders in their field for their important contribution to Israeli culture over the years.” This award will honor and honor the late Arik Einstein, A great player with an exceptional personality, who was engraved in our collective memory as a society and in every person and in his personal and private memory.”