ME AND MY DAUGHTERS FIVE- Schwebel, Scharf & Levine- Composed By Ali Scharf- The Pinteleh Yid

We were so young and newly married
And our first child was on its way,
A little nervous, a little harried
Waiting anxiously for that day.
And then one evening in the spring
We learned how much joy a child could bring,
And a new life had begun
For me and my daughter 1.

Adina looked so much like her mother
With eyes so big and freckles galore,
Now all she needed was a brother
Just to help even out the score.
Bout one year later the doctor said “Mister-
Adina has a new baby sister”,
And Penina joined our crew
Me and my daughters 2.

Penina gave us so much joy
With her laugh and with her grace,
Now all we needed was a boy
To keep his sisters in their place.
But wouldn’t you know – Bli Ayin Horah
Another girl and we named her Sara,
She took her place upon my knee
Me and my daughters 3.

And the time flew
And our family grew,
Two more children blessed our home
Not one girl – but two,
And from the very start
Bruriah stole our heart,
And Tzipora is the youngest one
Now Hashem I ask of you… I ask of you:

Eishes Chayil Mi Yimtzah
How I pray the’ll answer that call,
Gimalas’hu Tov Velo Ra
Bringing joy to one and all,
Sheker Hachein Vehevel Hayofi
Their Maasim Tovim will be their beauty,
I’m the luckiest man alive
Me and my daughters 5.

Like Sara, Rivka, Leah and Rochel
They’ll take their place in Klal Yisroel,
I’m the luckiest man alive –
Me and my daughters 5.
I’m the luckiest man alive –
Me and my daughters 5!