Shulem Lemmer


Born In : Brooklyn, NY
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Shulem Lemmer has made a name for himself in the Jewish music world through his captivating voice, flawless pitch and versatility in many genres of music. Growing up in the heart of Boro Park, Brooklyn, Shulem was exposed to cantorial music at a young age while also listening to the current contemporary Jewish music. With this influence, Shulem beautifully combines the two in his performances, becoming renowned as a versatile crossover artist for the two genres.

Shulem attended the Belz Cheder in Boro Park and would go on to become a featured child soloist. He later joined the highly acclaimed Shira Choir which led him to become the lead soloist within a few months. During this time Shulem covered songs like Max Janowski’s Avinu Malkeinu and Moishe Oysher’s Chad Gadya which gained rapid attention on online, which now have a combined count of millions of views earning him recognition as one of the most celebrated artists today.

With the success of these videos Shulem has been invited to perform all around the world and released his self-titled debut album, Shulem, in August of 2017. Shulem also currently serves as the cantor of Sons of Israel in Allentown, Pennsylvania.