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Pumpidisa is not just a great band with a sweet, energetic vibe. It’s an experience, and a lifestyle. Comprised exclusively of young, enthusiastic and worldly musicians from the NY community, most of our members spent years living in Israel, where we draw our core creative inspiration. That, together with an intense desire to spread spiritual light and love into the world through our music, is what binds us together and makes Pumpidisa greater than the sum of its parts.

Pumpidisa provides music for Weddings, Sheva Brachos, Bar/Bat Mitzvas, Fundraisers, Kumzitzes and any event that needs a sprinkle of energy and soul. Our broad list of satisfied and repeat clients from all backgrounds and regions is a testament to our unique ability to not only fill the air with beautiful music, but also a transcendent joyfulness that lifts the hearts and spirits of those present. We’re not merely here to perform, dutifully playing notes off a page; we’re here to share an experience and be part of the celebration. The discerning eye and skilled ear, and most importantly the open heart, can tell the difference.

Together with our fellow artists out there, we’re bent on transforming Jewish music, one event at a time. We’ll post some of our live experiences here, and hope to hit the studio to compose and record some original music very soon.

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