Derech Achim


Born In : Johannesburg, South Africa
Web Site :

The two members of the group, Jared Lazarus (Avraham Lazarus) and Reuven Garber are both from South Africa, although Jared spent most of his life in Australia.

Jared works in real estate full time and Reuven is an Avreich in Kollel. They married two sisters and live with their respective wives and children in Johannesburg, South Africa.

They have spent their spare time over the past 6-9 months composing and producing their album, Mayim Rabim, coming soon!

They compose across the entire music spectrum (from folk, to African, to epic romantic, soul and blue-grass country) in order to find the most powerful, fitting vessel to communicate the unique message they are trying to express in each song. They believe that music has the power to either connect us with Hashem, or disconnect us. It is their hope and prayer that their music inspires others to enhance their relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu and more deeply, with themselves.