Chanan Ben Ari


Born In : Karnei Shomron, Israel

Hanan Ben Ari, one of the new, revolutionary and intriguing creators in Israeli music, began an unprecedented solo career and captivated the audience and the radio stations as a composer with a unique musical stamp. Ben Ari is a writer, composer, performer and giant performer, and once he became a familiar name in every home in Israel.
In February 2016, Ben-Ari released his debut album “Balance”, which soon won the gold status and included the hits: “From You to Me”, “Balance”, “Mother if I Was” and “Our Life Strawberries”. With the album, Hanan Ben Ari embarked on a successful tour that won the public and media attention. Concurrent with the performances, he continued recording new songs and released the singles “Not Alone”, “Thank You”, “Wikipedia” and “What Do You Want From Me”.

Along with the new songs, Ben Ari continues to perform throughout the country.