Avishai Rosen


Born In : Giv`At Shmuel, Hamerkaz, Israel
Web Site : www.facebook.com/AvishaiRosen/

Seventeen years ago, Avishai arrived. As early as his childhood, his parents and those around him noticed his musical talent. And from day to day Avishai became the star of the evening at every party, and a family event.

When Avishai was only 7 years old, he joined the “Kinderlach” children’s troupe. With the band Avishay appeared as a soloist on many stages in Israel and abroad.
Over the past few years, Avishai has appeared on TV shows, shows and events alongside leading artists, and has also starred in the Oneg Shabbat program on the Hidabroot channel.
Just before he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, Avishai launched his debut album ‘Give Me a Sign’ that his songs captured the Peshmon Parades.
The singles “Give Me a Mark” and “Thousands of Kids” became hits and “Give Me a Mark” was also ranked among the top 20 hits of the week in the network charts and was ranked 1st in the soundtrack.

And not only on the radio networks .. The youth movements and many schools in Israel have turned the hit ‘thousands of children’ into an anthem.
Avishai has released two YouTube videos that have won more than a quarter of a million hits and have become big hits on the web.
Avishay is embarking on a new and exciting journey. His second album, which is entirely his own creation, is currently being released. Both words and melody. In the musical production of Rami Kleinstein, who attests to the quality of the album. Avishai is touring the country with the best musicians accompanying him.